Software Generated Forms

By adding the Software Generated Forms module, you can print most forms in the 1099-etc product suite on plain white paper directly from your printer.

You can even print the W‑2, W-2C, W-3 and W‑3C Copy A forms. By adding the AMS Payroll module or Forms Filer Plus  you can print 940, 941 and many other Payroll and miscellaneous forms.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) and 1042-S forms can also be printed with purchase of the corresponding modules: Affordable Care Act (ACA) Filer1042-S Filer. (except the required [red] Copy A forms submitted to the IRS or as required by state agencies)

Some Features of Software Generated Forms

  • Prints forms on blank paper
  • Supports Windows compatible printers (virtually all brands and models of laser printers). However, for faster printing, we have found that USB printers are faster than parallel printers.

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