1042-S Filing Software

The 1042-S Filer is a complete database system that generates 1042-S form. It has an easy-to-use, menu-driven format that simplifies the selection of payers and forms.

Purchase of the W2/1099 Forms Filer and Software Generated Forms is required in order to purchase the 1042-S Filer.

Data Entry

  • Supports the 1042-S form.
  • Supports up to 99,999 employees/recipients per payer.
  • Easy to enter the information.
  • The Browse command allows the user to enter data using a spreadsheet format.
  • Payer information only needs to be entered once.
  • Data can be imported from a variety of sources including; Excel, form print files and ordinary text files.
  • The Default command allows the user to “define” default values for a form.
  • Selected fields can be calculated.
  • Entry fields are selected using Tab, Enter, arrow keys, as well as clicking on a field with the mouse.
  • The data is automatically saved through our 1099 software when a new record or form is accessed, thus ensuring edited data is never lost.


  • Forms must be software generated and are acceptable by the IRS.
  • Forms can be saved as PDFs and optionally encrypted.


  • Prints Table and Worksheet Reports along with Client Letters, Recipient Lists, and Mailing Labels.
  • The Table Report generates hash totals of SSNs and TINs for checking data entry accuracy.
  • Create encrypted PDF files to email reports to your clients straight from the software.
  • Reports/Forms can be batch printed for multiple payers to save time and effort.