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NOTE*** After upgrading to versions E-1.0 and E-2.0, some customers have reported multiple error messages that were not detected during pre-release testing.  As such, we have reverted back to our last known stable version, D-1.3, until we can find and correct the issues.

If you have already installed version E-1.0 or E-2.0 and are not experiencing any issues, please do not roll back to version D-1.3.

Latest Update(s)

2024 Latest Version: C-1.0
Uploaded on: 07/08/2024 - 1:50pm

2023 Latest Version: E-4.8
Uploaded on: 07/03/2024 - 5:45pm

2022 Latest Version: E-5.b
Uploaded on: 07/03/2024 - 5:45pm

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Microsoft has made some changes to network security in Windows 10 so that you are unable to see mapped network drives when installing programs.


  1. Install the program on the local hard drive and point the program to the data on the server.
  2. Install the program directly on the Server by logging into the actual server and installing it on its hard drive.
  3. Install the program on the C drive and move the folder to the server.
  4. Edit the registry. The following link gives you the entries you need to make. The article is from an older version of Windows but the registry entries are the same. Editing the registry is not something we can assist with and it’s at your own risk.
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  5. Turn off UAC (User Account Control) – not recommended and it’s at your own risk.
Microsoft SmartScreen Filter

Due to a recent required security change, the Microsoft SmartScreen filter is not currently recognizing our download as safe. You may see an error message pop-up when trying to install the software. Should you see this warning, as long as the App name: 1099-Etc-Update…; and Publisher name: Advanced Micro Solutions Inc.; are present, it is safe to check the I understand box and continue with the installation.

For more information, click here: Click here for more information